Things You Can Get Rid of Without Having a Second Thought

One of the hardest things when it comes to cleaning is deciding what to throw out. We do tend to get attached to things and it becomes very difficult to get rid of once they have outlived their usefulness. We are not blessed with infinite space so we cannot just keep accumulating things. Hoarding is not an option unless you are wealthy.

But there are things in your house which you should get rid of without even giving it a second thought. A clutter free house will give you a lot of peace of mind as opposed to a cluttered house which brings only clutter to your mind.

Here is a list of things that you can throw out of your home without too much of a worry.

Bank statements

One would find this is most houses. There is a huge pile of unopened credit card statements, bank account statements and what not. It is time you got rid of these. They take up too much space and create a mess on top it. If you happen to see them lying around your individual house don’t even think twice about getting rid of it. If it contains sensitive information it’s even more important that you make sure it doesn’t land up in the wrong hands. So open your mail, give it a read and shred it if it’s of no use.

Stuff from the takeout order

We are all guilty of doing this. When we order food for home delivery we land up saving all the plastic utensils and the condiments that come with it. But in reality we never really use them. It would be better get rid of them immediately after you are done with eating you take out meal.


If you have not been using makeup, it’s time to throw it out. It is taking up unnecessary space in your home. Also there is no point in storing expired makeup. You can’t use it as it would lead to many problems such as allergies and many other complications.

Craft supplies from yesteryear hobbies

A hobby that you picked up ages ago would have brought you a lot of joy. But if you don’t regularly do your craft there is no point in keeping all the supplies that you have bought. They take up space in your individual house. They are also act as guilty reminders of the money you spent and your lack of follow through. If you want to salvage the situation, you don’t need to throw them out. You can give it away to a neighbour’s kid or donate it to a charity.

Coffee mugs

There are plenty of mugs to go around in very house. They take up valuable space in the house. You can afford to throw out the ones that you don’t like much. Retain the cups that you use and ditch the cups that are collecting dust. You will be glad to find all the space that you previously thought you never had.